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Welcome to my world!


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Hello and welcome

Welcome to my Hotch Potch world although I’m not sure I’ve got a lot to say that’s of interest! Let’s have a go and see what I come up with!

Im firstly and foremost a reader. My love of books is legion, I have them scattered all over the place, some even neatly contained in bookcases, others piled high on my bedside table. Don’t buy me diamonds, just books and bookshelves to house them in! I have to admit to preferring physical books, but I also have to admit to owning three kindles. For such a bookaholic with a severe case of biblophobia it would be a disaster if I ran out of reading material. I have to read every day, even if it’s only the bus timetable!

Im also a writer, published in two genres (children’s and Women Literary Fiction) as well as being published in non-fiction, but I won’t go there! It took me five years to get the first one out and three months to get the second one out, go figure. I have a sequel to Boy Brainy half finished but I’ve had to put it aside due to calls for the last in my GIRL trilogy, which hopefully will be coming out in April.

Outside all of the above there’s little room left. Apart from the 2 R’s I’m a bit of a crafter. I knit badly and still haven’t managed to conquer the crocheted square. I bake when I can, but try not to eat what I bake! I love the sea and the beach and spend a lot of time just doing nothing by the shore! Sleep is a bonus, but if you find me up and about at 4 am don’t be surprised!

Happy reading