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Autism. Causes, prevention and treatment. J Cannell Book Review

I read this from cover to cover in a couple of sittings and to me every word made sense.

Thats not to say that I believe that Vitamin D is the magic bullet that will lead to sorting out the huge recent avalanche of apparent new autism diagnoses over recent years. I’d like to. It would be so easy wouldn’t it and sad in a way that something freely available could have prevented the challenging and heartbreaking behaviours seen across the spectrum.

This is a clearly set out book peppered with lots of examples provided by parents of how a daily dose of Vitamin D has made improvements across both the spectrum and age ranges. The book also delves into alternative opinions and in a way is also a history book of the condition that will be useful to people investigating autism for the first time.

The only comments that I would have would be a cry for independent randomised controlled trials, not funded by pharmaceutical companies that make Vitamin D and with large control groups and not the less than a hundred participants that is so often seen and so often useless in the larger scheme of things.

So will I be purchasing vitamin D in the future? It’s certainly something that I’m going to investigate further.