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An interview with Susan

Dear readers,
I am delighted to welcome Susan Godenzi to these pages, where she discusses how she found publishing on Amazon.



Firstly Susan, can you tell a little about your book
‘Dead Guilty?’

Dead Guilty is about Lexie Reed. Back home in
Melbourne after five years in New York; newly divorced and
coming to terms with life not turning out as she’d planned. She has secured an advance from an up-market women’s magazine, to write several articles on domestic violence. Lexie has been given access to a women’s shelter for research. Here she meets both acceptance and resistance.

Vulnerable women and children are going missing from the shelter. Jillian Laidlaw is one of them. Nobody would have noticed – except that her abusive husband Sean has been murdered. Lexie discovers the whereabouts of Jillian and won’t let police politics or her own self-doubts get in the way of rescuing her. She’s not going to live life with If Only – not anymore!

DSS Wil Saddington is in the middle of a divorce he doesn’t want, has a partner no on else will work with, and a murder to investigate when all he wants to do is go home and sulk. Lexie Reed won’t let that happen. She’s in his face, and pushing hard. Yes, there is the slightest hint of romance, but this much more a crime/murder mystery story.

Thanks Susan, and as you know I’ve read it and found it highly enjoyable.

So how did you get into writing?
I’ve been making up stories since primary school days. Always short stories, and I loved limericks. I was an on-line agony aunt and moderator for Dear Cupid, writing as Auntie Susie. I did that for about eighteen months. It was great for writing practice, and apparently I was helpful to some people too.

Throughout my thirties and forties I sent in many entries for short story competitions, without success. One day I thought I’d have a shot at selling some to a magazine, so I sent off two to That’s Life! here in Australia. I didn’t hear anything in the expected two months, so gave up and forgot about it. Then out of the blue twelve months later, I received an email from the editor asking if I’d be happy to sell one of the two stories that he’d been hanging on to. Hell yes! I said. Several months later, he requested another. This gave me the confidence to believe that the first sale wasn’t just a one-off. I was feeling good about my writing, and decided to try writing a crime novel. I was reading a lot of crime at the time, and the story came easily.

Wow, an Agony Aunt, hey! I bet that was fascinating – a whole blog post on its own I would imagine!

What about getting published? How did you find yourself with Amazon?
After I finished the book, had it edited and assessed, I started to send it out into the world. I had a list of literary agents in Australia, and I submitted to them all. Subsequently I was rejected by the all. So I sent my baby overseas and started attacking England and the US. I had one agent in New York who asked for me to do a re-write in first-person, rather than the third that it was in. That was a total waste of time and energy. Would never do that again, unless under a contract. Next move was to contact publishers. I had a plan – if I didn’t have any success by October 2014, I would attempt to self publish on Amazon.

I became an indie author on 12 November 2014.

Kindle Direct Publishing was a lot easier than I expected. I found the whole process fairly easy. I took my time and enjoyed the experience. I’ve since put up three short stories. Any questions have been answered promptly, and the people at Amazon have been very helpful.

So what’s next?
My next move is to do a paperback version of my novel through Amazon’s CreateSpace. That may be just a little taxing of my brain.

Thanks Susan for a fascinating look into life as an Indie Author on Amazon and we wish the very best with the rest of your writing endeavours.




Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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