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A journey in the Moon Balloon Book Review

A Journey in the Moon Balloon

When Images Speak Louder than Words

Joan Drescher
Book Blurb

imageTake a journey in a hot air balloon to see the world differently. Open your heart, drop your fears, relax and get in touch with your feelings.

This colorfully illustrated interactive journal with a delightful story line has been used to help children of all ages express their emotions and feel better about themselves and the world through writing, drawing, and symbols. This fully updated and expanded edition is overflowing with new stories and activities to unleash creative expression and allow images to do the talking.

A Journey in The Moon Balloon® is an indispensable tool for parents, teachers, counsellors, art therapists, health care professionals and all those concerned with bringing emotional healing to children.

Book Review

There are all sorts of people in the world and sadly we usually hear about the naughty ones! But not in this case. A book written to help children of all ages address their fears, hopes and dreams through a series of amazing well thought out ideas and images.

It’s primarily aimed at children in the hospital setting, but I feel that the concepts used could easily be translated to be used with children with emotional difficulties, learning disabilities and autism. In the book we are given it’s use in a range of age groups from toddler to high teens and with conditions such as brain tumours, post suicidal attempts and those undergoing chemotherapy.

What a great idea to put on the pain free hat pre treatment or asking them ‘What colour anger is?’ Addressing and admitting our demons is always half the battle. This book acts as an intermediary in helping health care professionals and families provide the care that children actually need and not just what they think they need.

if only it was as easy with grown up medicine…..


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

2 thoughts on “A journey in the Moon Balloon Book Review

  1. Some of my adult patients find it hard to express emotions/pain etc for a variety of reasons, I wonder would this help, will have to have a look and see. Thanks.


  2. I think it could be adapted. I read it on Kindle though and the drawings didn’t come to life as much as they would on the page. For patients with body image issues ( amputees, stroke) as well as emotional ones I do think there’s a place.


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