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A Brush With Danger Adam Frost



Book Blurb

Solving Crime in Record Time! A priceless painting, a mysterious letter, a piece of cheese so stinky it’s deadly… From the art galleries of Paris to the palaces of Moscow, detective Wily Fox is on the trail of Dimitri Gottabottomitch. But the brown bear is doing whatever he can to throw Wily off the scent. Can Wily solve the case of the priceless painting or will he be the victim of an art attack?
Fun and fast-paced detective stories, perfect for fans of Geronimo Stilton and The Dragon Detective Agency.


As a parent and a writer it’s important to me to encourage my kids to leave honest reviews. The importance of helping writers and indeed encouraging them to continue to produce excellent books is vital to the industry.

So what do you think the biggest compliment that a child could give after devouring a book – yep, I wrote devour and I meant every letter. This book has only been in our lives a day or so, but it’s already part of the family! it’s even been taken camping!

In our house there are a few rules. The biggest bug bear being that electronics time is 5.30 and not a second before. Ha! I got her this time – she was so keen to finish she missed it completely!

More please Mr Adam Frost.




Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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