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777 blog fest: Introducing Annie Burrows

Today I’d like to introduce the lovely Annie Burrows. 


Annie, can you tell us a little about your latest book?

My latest book is “A Mistress for Major Bartlett” which is the second book in a trilogy about a fictional artillery regiment that fought at the battle of Waterloo – published by Harlequin, and called Waterloo Brides. My rakish soldier hero is injured and nursed back to health by the sister of the Colonel of his regiment.

How did you get into writing?

I very naively thought I could fund my daughter’s university fees by writing a bestseller. I’d studied English at university, you see, and thought it would be a doddle. So I sat down and started to play with an idea I’d had, which I thought was brilliant, and discovered that creating great prose is a lot harder than you’d believe! But I couldn’t give up. I was determined to get something published. (It only took 10 years between deciding I could write a bestseller, and getting my first contract)

So I have five years to go then! Thanks Annie! So what’s the one piece of advice you’d offer someone that says they want to write a book?

Only one? Ok – this may sound over simplistic, but it’s to just sit down and start writing. So many people say they’d love to write if only…(insert excuse here). But the only way to get that book written is to just get on with it.

Where do you write?


I have taken one bedroom for myself, and made it into my writing cave. I use a laptop, on my lap, as I get too much stress across my shoulders if I try to use a desktop at a desk, and end up with dreadful backache. I still do get backache, but nothing like as bad as before. I also have a little kitchen timer on the shelf at my side which I’ve set to go off after an hour, at which point I get up and stretch.
(Ok – I get up and make a cup of tea, or do the dishes, or hoover something, but at least it gets me out of my chair and moving around so I don’t seize up completely)
(I’ll inc a photo if you want)

That sure looks like a comfy chair and in my fav colour too! Are you writing your next book?
Yes – and I’m really enjoying this one which is very different from the rather more serious episodes that had to go into Major Bartlett, what with him having been so badly injured, and in such a brutal battle, too.
I’ve got a Duke in disguise, an heiress who has had all her luggage stolen, a pair of villains and a bad tempered horse, to name but a few of the characters.

What’s your favourite book?
I keep on going back to anything by Georgette Heyer. I just love her characters. Right now I could very easily sit down and read Friday’s Child again. And just the other day, when my husband asked me what I was thinking about, I had to admit it was Kit Fancot, from False Colours. I wonder what look I had on my face that made him ask?

I used to love Georgette Heyer, but it’s years since I’ve read one, perhaps I’ll have to revisit her again. What do you do with yourself when you’re not writing?

Read other people’s books, mostly! Reading is my favourite thing, next to writing.
I do try to keep fit by going to ballroom dance classes, as I get bored in the gym, and have too many problems with my joints to go running.

Thanks Annie for joining us on the sofa today. Guys and gals – thanks for dropping in – you can find Annie’s latest work Here


Annie Burrows has been writing light-hearted Regency romances for Mills & Boon since 2007. Her first book, “His Cinderella Bride” was the top seller in the historical line that year. Subsequent books have gone on to win the coveted Reviewer’s Choice award from Cataromance.
Her books have charmed readers worldwide, having been translated into 19 different languages.
For more information, or to contact the author, please visit
Or you can find her on facebook at


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

3 thoughts on “777 blog fest: Introducing Annie Burrows

    1. I’m going to check out Annie’s too but also revisit Mrs Heyer – it’s years since I read and they may even be suitable for my dd
      Annie if you like thrillers I can recommend Valerie’s books (Valerie Keogh) she kept me up most of the night lol


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