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Victorian charm Christmas. Llandudno

So that’s Christmas over for another year then!


This day last week had us returning from a fab pre festive jaunt up to North Wales to visit my mum. I’ve always had a soft spot for this part of the world as I’ve been visiting it ever since I was a toddler, and even lived there for a few years in the late eighties.

We stayed at the Imperial Hotel, set along the seafront promenade of Llandudno. Walking through its Victorian doors was an oasis of calm away from the pavement packed people trawling through the shops for those important last minute presents. It was like walking through the doors of a Victorian Christmas full of opulent charm and delightful understated attention.

Our room overlooked the pier and, of course we took the kids for a jaunt down memory lane to spy in the brave fishermen dangling their fishing rods off the end in the blustery gale that descended.


It was a good job we’d attacked the amazing breakfast with gusto or we might have been blown off the end! It’s a long time since I’ve had kippers for breakfast!


We wandered down town after in and out of the wonderful arrange of quirky shops, some I remember for ever like Billy Lal’s! We ended up at Starbucks, a new addicting since my last visit,  or at least the family did! I got lost and couldn’t find it for a while as I’d stupidly left my glasses at home, but the free gingerbread latte sample made up for it.

Photo via Tripadvisor
Photo via Tripadvisor

We went on the spend a lovely evening in Conwy visiting my sister and her family. Conwy being the inspiration behind my Children’s book Boy Brainy – you can probably see a theme – I like seagulls lol), after which we traipsed back to our amazing hotel room (Imperial Hotel, we’ll be back!)


I’m back home in Guernsey now and weighing up whether to finish working on the sequel to Boy Brainy or the third in my Ideal Girl trilogy. This one will be part set in Betws y coed, another part of Wales to pull at the heart strings.


Happy Sunday

Jenny x


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Girl Descending, Book Launch

Well if you told me at the start of 2015 I’d have 3 books published I’d have cracked up in laughter. This time 12 months ago I was waiting in hope to hear back from an editor who’d requested a ‘full’ for Boy Brainy, only to turn me down like a hot potato in the New Year. 

But I wasn’t defeated, I just carried on with the next book and pondered my options. It was only with the support of a couple of fellow Indie writers (Susan Godenzi and Valerie Keogh) that I finally  decided to press that self pub button and since then I haven’t stopped. 

Today is cover reveal and book launch day for Girl Descending, the sequel to Ideal Girl. It’s a stand alone book in its own right but does follow up on how Mitch and Liddy are getting on. Set in both Dublin and Kinsale it brought back many happy childhood memories of both places. In this book I wanted a heroine that hadn’t very much going for her. Could love land on such a girl? It frequently does, but not Usually through the medium of books. 

I’ll also introduce you to the main stars in Book number three, which has been lurking around my head for about a year. It will follow up on how Freddie and Henry are getting on after their wedding – That’s all the hint I’m giving!

Hope you all have a great New Year and Happy December 25th whatever your beliefs

Jen x