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Girl Descending, Book Launch

Well if you told me at the start of 2015 I’d have 3 books published I’d have cracked up in laughter. This time 12 months ago I was waiting in hope to hear back from an editor who’d requested a ‘full’ for Boy Brainy, only to turn me down like a hot potato in the New Year. 

But I wasn’t defeated, I just carried on with the next book and pondered my options. It was only with the support of a couple of fellow Indie writers (Susan Godenzi and Valerie Keogh) that I finally  decided to press that self pub button and since then I haven’t stopped. 

Today is cover reveal and book launch day for Girl Descending, the sequel to Ideal Girl. It’s a stand alone book in its own right but does follow up on how Mitch and Liddy are getting on. Set in both Dublin and Kinsale it brought back many happy childhood memories of both places. In this book I wanted a heroine that hadn’t very much going for her. Could love land on such a girl? It frequently does, but not Usually through the medium of books. 

I’ll also introduce you to the main stars in Book number three, which has been lurking around my head for about a year. It will follow up on how Freddie and Henry are getting on after their wedding – That’s all the hint I’m giving!

Hope you all have a great New Year and Happy December 25th whatever your beliefs

Jen x 



Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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