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New Years Resolutions – Nah


i seem to remember being here before. The end of the year, why it comes around faster each time is a mystery. It won’t be a good one for a number of reasons and I still won’t be making one of those soon to be broken resolutions – the most important resolutions can’t be made that way anyway:Much more important than losing weight, giving up alcohol, going to the gym blah blah blah. So in 2016 I’m going to be a bit fatter, a bit hungover and a bit unfitter but hopefully happy, or if not always happy then content with my lot – what’s not to like!

So In 2016 I want to continue the way I am with perhaps a little more time to stop and appreciate what I have in an area I’m lucky to live in. I’ve always lived near the sea and for me time spent pootling in the shores is as vital as breathing.

Today in a drive to remove the kids from technology in that post Christmas fugue that had descended we went pootling to Port Soif. It wasn’t raining or even windy, one of those clear blue sky days that brings Spring in its wake. The daffodils are in abundance as are other walkers – a day stolen from those after the post winter solstice

And what of 2015? It hasn’t been a bad one. There’s been plenty to feel proud of and publishing three books being the very least of it. We have three little people we are immensely proud of not forgetting new additions in the form of our beautiful kittens. Yes there was sadness when we had to say goodbye to Soka, but she’d made 18 – a very wise old lady.

20151229_131902Ive made some amazing new friends from all over this year linked to my hobbies of reading and writing – I’ve never had so many Christmas cards to display. I’ve read lots of books and even managed to write some – who’d have thought it! I’ve been scribbling seriously for six years but to actually put things together in book format meant i had to learn a whole new set of skills.

We had a wonderful holiday camping in Biarritz playing in the surf not to mention a delightful day in San Sebastien. The Dordogne was a washout being as we had 48 hours of torrential rain but it couldn’t dampen our spirits – everything else was sopping but our spirits were high. Living on the cusp of France we’ve been lucky to be able to nip across more times than ever this year and have spent some delightful days in St Malo having a mooch and a swim. We’re talking of our holidays next year. There will be a tent and France. I quite fancy going back down to San Rafael again in Provence simply because it’s beautiful.

But the immediate future entails trying to shift a couple of fur babies so I can get another cup of tea.

Have a good one

Jenny x