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WIP (Work in progress)

Life is full of abbreviations isn’t it – And a writer’s life is as bad as the rest of the world. So for the non writer readers WIP is the current book and MC is the main character, in this case Mabel aka Freddie. 

This is the last in my trilogy although I’m tempted to carry on the model as frankly they’re enjoyable to write. Whilst I have great fun reminiscing about Ireland through my scribblings this time the story moves quite early on to North Wales, another place close to my heart. I decided at the start of my writing journey to never write about a place I hadn’t been and, as I’m quite well travelled this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. But if you’re hoping for a book set in the USA I can just about manage Miame airport – it wouldn’t be much of a book! 

Rest assured for my Irish fans this move, although important to the plot is only temporary and the book will end in my beloved Dublin. 

My other romances in this trilogy end with a wedding or at least the inference of one – this book (as yet unnamed formally other than Girl 3) is in reverse as it starts with one. That’s the thing with series like this. Even though they are stand alone books in their own right there’s  timelines to follow and characters to remember. Just which one had green eyes (Liddy) and what did I call her BF again! 

Funnily enough naming my characters is one of the hardest things! Liddy is a family name (Lydia) whilst Sorcha is named after one of our cats, who in her turn was named after Sorcha Cusack, a well known Irish actress – in my opinion the best Jane Eyre ever. As for the boys I googled through hundreds of names to come up with one that fits. Mitch was Matt for a while, but Mitch suits him so much better. Ruari was always Ruari from day one, although I had sleepless nights as to which spelling to use. And for my new book, well the male MC has a name inspired by one of our kittens – I’ll give you a hint – it’s not Tiddles or indeed Thomas.

Jen xx