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Cupcakes and Confetti, by Jane Linfoot

Book review

Book blurb
Brides by the Sea, the cutest little wedding shop in all of Cornwall, has it all, including cake baker Poppy who lives upstairs. But wedding planning is not the piece of cake Poppy thought it would be, and when her best friend Cate’s wedding planner walks out, Poppy has to tie up the loose ends so her bestie can tie the knot.

My review,

As a reader the first person isn’t my favourite POV, probably something to do with being a child of the sixties but, whatever the reason I tend to avoid them. I also tend to avoid reading about weddings so no one was more surprised when I actually downloaded Cupcakes and Confetti from Amazon.

But whatever the driver I soon found myself enthralled with Rafe, well just who doesn’t like a dark muddy Heathcliffe type of hero! And (I know, you should never start a sentence with an And, but whatever… ) AND Jane’s writing is lovely, strong even – there’s a beautiful scene at about 10% in where she regresses back to thoughts about her childhood, and thoughts about her BF in particular. It’s worth reading the whole book for sublime writing like this!

The plot, everyone homes in on the plot so I’m going to avoid it, other than to say something happens 3/4 way through which changes the tone and turns this from a good book to a great read. I’m not surprised this is doing well under the saga genre as Jane Linfoot’s  strength appears to be in creating and then untangling a range of characters giving each a unique identity. Immie will, for me be a young Julie Walters from Mamma Mia while Poppy… Don’t get me started. To cut long blond locks to a short red cut because she’s not that girl anymore.

And me? I’ve added Jane Linfoot to a very select group of writers that I’ll read, despite the plot. It doesn’t matter that I don’t like first person or indeed reading about weddings….