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Writing is a journey

No apologies about not being on social media more than that but I’ve a book to publish! 

Life is a journey and never more so than when applied to writing. As with all journeys there’s that day when all the traffic lights are green and when other drivers are surprisingly curteous – and then there’s days, weeks – months even when life and specifically writing isn’t easy. 

I started the last in my trilogy on the 18th of January with the firm conviction to be finished end of March or early April at the latest and then life intervened. Not going into specifics there are many things happening that are so much more important than writing and my little hobby seems to have slipped in the hierarchy of what’s essential. That said journeys deviate, but roadworks are overcome and the end is finally reached if only by a circuitous route. 

So next week the plan is for my book launch. As I’m self published (at the moment 😉) there’s a lot of work to do. There’s  a title and a cover, but now I need to get my ever expanding derrière onto Amazon to sort out the boring stuff. I also have been asked to write a press release (Whoop) for a Welsh Tourist Office (big hint as to the book’s setting lol) and sort out ARC’s. The acknowledgements seem to get longer with each successive book and I have many people to thank including Valerie Keogh for letting me include her book – Such Bitter Business and Adele (Kraftireader) for letting me borrow her name. 

Back to my journey. This time last year I had no idea I’d have published 4 books in a year -okay so they’ve been 7 years in the making but like anything practice makes perfect. I love the two main characters in my latest book, and I’ll be sorry to see them go…. But they’re journey is just beginning. 


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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