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Unhappy Ever After Girl: Book Launch 

 Well what’s there to say really – the long awaited publication of the follow up and last in the Girl Trilogy is now available to Pre-Order from Amazon.

It took two months longer to publish but then life intervened to throw virtual rocks in my direction causing my writing to stumble and pause while I navigated the mindfield around me. But now it’s out and all that’s, if not forgotten then filed away in a little space just behind my left ear.

So what’s this one about then? That would be telling and I don’t do spoilers either of my work or others however I have a story to tell as Unhappy Ever After Girl is a tale of a story within a story.

Once upon a time there were two girls and two boys dragged, if not kicking and screaming then with an ever increasing reluctance to church every Sunday. Whilst there was no electronics to speak of in the Seventies there were other draws on their time than listening to old sermons and even older hymns – and then there was the window. The glorious window exploding with vibrant blues pinks and greens to enthrall, to dream about. It wasn’t just the stained glass though it was the wonderful words – the dedication to the recently departed loved one. Just who was this man that would grieve so acutely to commemorate his wife’s memory in such a way?

So that’s where my idea came from and what better way to raise a toast to such a love than write about it?

And then there’s Betws-y-Coed. If you haven’t been to Betws you really should add it to a place to go in the future. It’s not just the scenery, although that’s awesome. It’s the people, the shops – it’s everything. This is a place I used to visit with my parents and now I visit with my children and it’s as magical now as it was to a wide eyed seven year old. The bridge on my book cover isn’t of Mabel and Derry’s ‘Pont y Pair Bridge but it could be….


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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