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Unhappy Ever After Girl: Publication Day


Four books in less than a year. Does that mean it’s time for a rest – don’t you believe it! I have 4 stories clambering around inside my head trying to get out, the only problem being which one to choose.

When I started out on this journey 7 years ago I had this glamourise idea that my books would get an editor and, if not become bestsellers then at least not be vanity publications.  Instead of which I pressed that KDP button in desperation all those months ago and haven’t looked back.

So Unhappy Ever After Girl again pulls from my own life in that it deals with congenital cataracts. I like to write about unusual topics, never before tackled issues to be found in a romantic novel like clamydia! Whilst I knew little of the latter I know all about the former as I too have congenital cataracts.

Like Derry the MC in Unhappy Ever After Girl I was born with them and also like Derry there is no guarantee with this ‘from birth’ type that removing them will make any difference. So I wander about trying not to bump into things, counting myself as one of the lucky ones as at least I can see where many cant.

And my next book? Until last week I was all set to start another romantic book, not medical this time and then I saw an article in the newspaper that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

I’m forgetting about my latest release – that’s your problem now – where’s my pen?

Unhappy Ever After Girl is available for immediate download from Amazon here for the princely sum of 99p


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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