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Book review, Murder on Clare Island


This review is so hot off the press – book launch today – here’s the all important Amazon Link

i chose this because I’d heard that Murder on Clare Island has been called the most unusual murder ever so I contacted Valerie for an ARC as I like to make my own judgements…If you’d like an ARC you might be lucky she’s on Twitter as valeriekeogh1

This is my latest read by a surprisingly diverse Indie writer. The last Valerie Keogh I read, SUCH BITTER BUSINESS was about a psychopathic murdering nurse but the Garda West series is different. It’s gentler somehow, the writing more subtle and the plot… Don’t get me started on the plot!

Okay so I write romances but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about Killer Thrillers. I was brought up on Mother’s milk and Agatha Christie – nearly the best murder genre writer there was (the best, as any good reader of this genre will know was Wilkie Collins!). There’s a ghost of Tommy and Tuppence within this book (Agatha Christie – Partners in Crime) – the romantic interplay is lovely, the discrete sex scenes only there to underpin a developing relationship between the two main characters.

The locations are to die for – Dublin (as a Dub I loved being able to picture in my minds eye Kelly’s Foxrock apartment ) and then Galway, but not Galway a little island off its coast called Clare Island (shush, don’t tell anyone – I’d never heard of it).

Clare Island seems to be the perfect place for Mike and Kelly to cement their growing relationship until the body count starts rising.

So you know when you’re reading a mystery, you’ve invested time and money on religiously reading the blasted thing till the end only to find the author has introduced in the last couple of pages dear old Uncle Paddy recently returned from a trip to Mexico just because the aforesaid writer was too lasy or inexperienced to wrap up the plot in a more adventurous way?  Well Murder on Clare Island is nothing like that!

Just like a good Agatha Christie or a bad episode of ThroughThe Keyhole the clues are there. The killer is there lurking in every chapter leaving whopping red herrings all over the place. The end ( no spoilers) of all Valerie’s series titles is different. You’ll have to read it to see where I’m coming from. After the murder’s been wrapped up. After the guilty are charged she leaves a sting in the tale that will keep you thinking late into the night.