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Critical Condition, Nicki Edwards

Book Blurb

Liam O’Connor wants a wife. Problem is, the type of woman he’s looking for doesn’t exist.

My review 

Liam O’Connor, Aussie Irish paramedic is broody but it’s not until he meets Poppy McDonald on the eve of her estranged father’s funeral that he finally works out just why he’s never managed to make it down the aisle.

Poppy has more baggage than the average airport terminal and she’s running away from an unhappy romance but to where? There’s nowhere for her to go with her dead father and mad mother. When these two souls collide fireworks explode in a spectacular fashion.

As a reader and writer of this genre I’m probably something of an expert – albeit self-pronounced but experienced all the same.

This has everything someone that likes medical romances will love. Just enough medical bits to be exciting without too much blood and guts. Just enough romantic bits to move the story along without pausing too long on the bedroom scenes. Just enough subsidiary characters to provide body, soul and depth the story line. In fact it’s probably more a hybred novel come to think of it, more a family drama/ medical romance and all the better for it.

I’ll happily read more from this writer

Available Here


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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