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5⭐️ Girl Having a Ball: Rhoda Baxter

What if you had to learn to stand on your own feet?Although Stevie lost her parents when she was very young, she’s always been able to rely on her brother, Marsh. But now Marsh is married and Stevie feels like she is losing him too. Determined to prove her independence, Stevie sets about transforming her life, giving up her dead-end job and following her passion for events management.

Her first assignment takes her to a stunning manor house in Oxford where she is tasked with organising a charity ball on a shoestring. Between canapé worries, celebrity guests and trying to keep the hyper-critical Lady Beryl happy, Stevie’s teenage crush, Tom, resurfaces to confuse things even further.

But ‘poor needy little Stevie’ is now ‘Stevie the strong woman’ and she won’t let a man get in the way of her dreams – will she?

My review 

A lovely gentle read but with more depth than I was expecting. The characters are so true to life, as are the situations. Which one of us hasn’t felt peeved at being the last to know? Which one wanting to spread our wings despite being thought too young, too inexperienced? Which one – all of us!

This is Stevie, still thought a child by many; a child with the body of a woman as Tom discovers to his cost. This book holds charm within its folds. Is it because of the delightful house set in Oxford complete with gazebo fairy lights? Is it batty work averse Lady Beryl or perhaps it’s the chemistry between the two main characters – who can tell, but the cupboard under the stairs scene will be remembered for quite a while! 

Available 27th September from Here


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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