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Boy Brainy. New improved cover and hard copies soon


Bullying has raised its ugly end again with yet another tragedy, but this time it’s one letter too far for me – a letter I cannot read. Bullying is what got me into writing because I too had a story: my story. But my story would have remained unpublished if history didn’t start repeating itself with my son. It was only then I decided to press that self-publish button.

Set in Conwy (North Wales) Boy Brainy isn’t a big book. It’s probably not even a great book but it’s been written with a purpose.

I don’t believe we can stop bullying, it’s too widespread for that now. The only thing we can do is bring up our children to like themselves. By raising their self-esteem to such an extent that they will still be able to walk proud whatever the bullies try to say or do.

So that’s it. Boy Brainy is aimed at 7-11 year old’s, a key age when bullying is recognised as often starting. It comes with additional material that includes key questions that parents/guardians can use to start discussions with their children.

It’s only 99p on Amazon, the cheapest I can make it and I’m working on a print version with Creatspace so I can get some copies into libraries.  There is no catch