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Christmas Blog Party… and the winner is 



Rachel Gilbey, very well done – I’ll be in touch regarding where to send your prizes Rachel. I should have guessed a book blogger would get them all right.

But but but, don’t go away folks. I have 4 more days of amazing writers for you with Christmas books

Look at all these lovely books, some you’ve already seen, some yet to post. It looks like a Christmas window at WH Smith, but even better.

Tomorrow it’s the turn of the lovely Mandy Baggot, who’s words I just adore. Here’s the link to her author’s page

Now now did you know I write poetry? No, neither did I but with Nanowrimo taking over the rest of any spare time I have I came up with this.

The Book recipe img_1672

About me 


I’ve pretty much said it all on the other pages. So some facts you didn’t know



  • I have a letter from Mr Darcy, or at least the actor that played him in one of the adaptions – and you wonder why I write romance.
  • I once auditioned for RADA.
  • I once painted the hall fluorescent pink without telling my husband, to match the red bathroom you understand.
  • I’ve lectured to a full auditorium of fellow healthcare professionals
  • I can knit but not crochet.
  • I once made a cake that tasted of soap, mother-in-law was visiting 😆
  • I guessed we’d vote for Brexit and that Donald would get in, on Saturday my husband is taking me down the bookies 😆




Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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