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Some more books for you: all genres

Christmas is a time for family, eating, drinking and in my case reading. I’ve been reading cross genre at the moment so here’s a flavour of some of my recent reads. I’ll let you into a little secret though – by hook or by crook these new Indie writers aren’t just climbing up the charts they’re inihilating them.

Love, lies and clones, Joynell Schultz

June never asked to be cloned from her mother’s DNA. She didn’t ask for the faulty heart that beats in her chest either. She made a life for herself as a college professor, but what she really wants is the same as everyone else: a human connection. But how can she connect to someone when her heart’s next beat could be the last? 

When her estranged father shows up on her doorstep, warning her that he’s being forced back into the illegal human cloning world and she’s in danger, she dismisses him as paranoid. That’s until he disappears. The police are not prepared to confront a conspiracy this large, especially with a serial killer on the loose. 
When approached by an AWOL soldier, insisting her father’s disappearance is linked to his brother’s odd behavior, she doesn’t trust him. She’s been taught her whole life not to trust anyone.
With time running out, she must avoid abduction attempts, untangle the web of lies, and above all else, hide her taboo origins. 
Can June trust someone with her secret… and her heart?

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Beneath the Skin

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For fans of Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls, Kathleen Glasgow’s Girl in Pieces, Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places, and Ellen Hopkin’s Identical. 
For 18-year-old Sidney Shaw, life pretty much sucks. Her mom’s a drunk. Her dad’s worse. At school, she’s bullied by her ex-best friend. Cutting used to bring her relief, but not anymore. Something’s got to give.
When Sidney punches a kid to protect her little brother, she’s forced into group counseling with perfect, popular Arianna, who looks like the type to grieve over a broken nail. But Arianna has secrets of her own. She might just be an ally—if Sidney can let her guard down. Then there’s the new guy, sweet and funny Lucas, who sees straight through Sidney’s tough façade. 
But Sidney’s wounds go deeper than anyone knows. As her father’s abuse escalates, her secrets threaten to unravel her. How far is she willing to go to protect her family? And who can she turn to when the unthinkable happens?

Beneath the Skin is a gut-wrenching exploration of trauma and resilience, the redemptive power of friendship, and how we piece our broken selves back together, one shard at a time. 

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Beyond the Forest

Things too incredible to believe can be real! Lana can draw arcane powers from gemstones, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to confront a gem master. She’s no match for Sheamathan, brutal ruler of the gnome world. The oppressed gnomes of Shadow long for a better life, and Lana is willing to study their gems and look for a solution. But when she goes through the portal, she discovers her gnome guide has a different agenda. He takes her straight to Sheamathan’s stronghold through a land full of mutant insects, intelligent flying serpents, and other horrors. There, he forces Lana to make a choice—turn her back on the gnomes and go home, or deliver a warning to Sheamathan that will plunge her irretrievably into the gnomes’ conflict . . . and possibly cost her life. Readers will enjoy this unique blend of urban and epic fantasy. Lana’s story begins in our present-day world as she prepares to take over the family jewelry store, but most of her adventures occur in the gnome world. This is a clean story, suitable for ages 10-100, with no graphic violence or strong language. The author supports the “noblebright” trend—the opposite of “grimdark.” Characters aren’t perfect but they value honesty and integrity and are willing to make personal sacrifices to help others. While they face dark times and dangerous situations, the overall tone is upbeat. This is a standalone novel without loose ends or a cliffhanger ending, but the resolution opens the door for further adventures. Additional novels set in the gnome world are in progress. To buy click here 

A fine line

Justice or revenge? It’s a fine line to walk. 

Steve Cully has always believed his low-life hits are of no loss to the world. This time it’s different. Even so, ten million dollars to kill a controversial US Senator enjoying a Christmas vacation in a quiet English village is an offer he can’t refuse. But things get complicated. Without at first being aware of it, Cully is now in someone else’s sights. Mark Easton, a former Delta Force soldier and the senator’s godson wants justice. Or is it revenge? 

Either way, he could not have picked a more dangerous man to pursue. 

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