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Book Number Seven

img_1610What with book number six now at a well known publisher along with book number five ( Englishwoman in… Trilogy) I’m back in the hot seat with book number 7.

Why do I say this?

Well book number 7 is actually Book number 5! Confused? I don’t blame you as no one’s more confused than I am.

I started this Irish set stand alone romance /tragedy in May last year when I was off sick for the first time ever. I was on drugs up to my eyeballs for sciatica and the words on the page were very dark, too dark for me to cope with. I don’t mind my readers having tears streaming down their faces but when typing, damp eyes do tend to obscure the keys somewhat. So instead of struggling on I put it aside and wrote something lighter, or lighter for me – Englishwoman in Paris, inspired by next door’s scaffolder who just happened to be in my field of vision 😉. I’m trying not to obsess too much about having a book under consideration, because each successive book in my mind is better than the last so one day…

So while I wait with bated breath for news of my book babies I’m ignoring the  follow up to Englishwoman in Manhattan for now. Instead I’ve a whole pile of TBR’s to catch up on not to mention book reviews and of course book number 7. I’m worried it may have been the pain killers typing now I’m booting up my laptop with a clear head but only time will tell. I’m only 10,000 words in so still lots to do.