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Englishwoman in Manhattan (EIM): a daughter’s tribute


Today, the 3rd March is always a difficult day in our household as it’s the anniversary of the day we lost my dad. To be exact today is the 25th Anniversary. But it’s a double edged sword. Today is also my sister’s birthday. Today is a difficult day.

The 6th March, the day we said our final goodbyes is no better as it just so happens to be my birthday. My Dad made sure his daughters remember him and, do you know what, now the distance of time is between us I’m glad that we get to share our special days with him and his memory; not that I really celebrate. At one point my sister and I had a pact that we’d celebrate on a different day but it never worked out like that. It is what it is. A Dad is, in many cases the first male role model a girl comes across and can have a huge impact on any future relationships. I count my sister and I amongst the lucky ones.

Englishwoman in Manhattan was inspired by my dad’s own musical journey as he was a very talented pianist who studied at The Royal College of Music in London. I didn’t have to research the piano concertos I’ve included; I was brought up to the sound of Chopin and Bach tinkling away in the background.

You might think it strange I chose to publish today and in a way I agree. It wasn’t intentional but, as with other things in my life coincidences happen. When I put EIM up for pre-order Amazon pinged back with the date and I thought about delaying it and then I thought

Why not have some happy memories associated with such a difficult day. 

So there it is; my book baby is on its own journey and, as only the writer my part is finished  but as a tribute to my Dad’s love of music this one will always hold a special place. Funnily enough it starts with a funeral, not intential. There’s also a competition, my nod to doing something to help it on its way, which you can enter here

EIM is available for 99p on Amazon and is free via KU x