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Cover and Title reveal: Englishwoman in Scotland

EiS cover

If you follow my blog I’m normally about reviewing  other authors books but today it’s my turn…

Book blurb

Talented artisan baker Lady Titania (Tansy) Nettlebridge is betrothed to be married to Lord Brayely no less. She should be ecstatic. She should be delighted at such a match. She would be if she’d actually met him…

Viscount Hector Brayely, or Tor for short isn’t interested in women. He isn’t interested in men. As a renowned mycologist all he’s interested in is fungi, and one particular fungi at that. So when his mother arranges a bride he’s not really interested. He’s more interested in the new cook at the castle, Miss Tansy Smith…

Set in Oban and The Slate Islands Tansy quickly falls in love with the Inner Hebrides but she wouldn’t marry Tor if he was the last man on Belnahua…

Belnahua is one of the State Islands of the Inner Hebrides. Deserted now it used to be a thriving community of workers and their families until WW1 when all the men left to fight and their families were evacuated to neighbouring islands.

Englishwoman in Scotland is book 3 of my stand alone Englishwoman in series, which will be published towards the end of June. ARC’s are available on request (jennyobrienwrites at yahoo dot co dot uk)


To celebrate my cover/title reveal Ideal Girl is free today from Amazon, normally £1.99


22 year old Nurse Liddy Murphy is meant to be the Ideal Girl, but for whom? Up until now all the men she’s met have let her down. That is until she meets Mitch…
Professor Mitch Merrien is disillusioned. Following the break-up of the latest in a string of relationships he’s in search of yet another tall ice cool blond to fill that place in his bed, if not his heart. That is until he literally falls over short, dark and decidedly feisty Liddy. Working side by side on St Justin’s Head Injury Unit is a dream come true for both of them until the unthinkable happens.
Lost and alone Liddy escapes Ireland to live in France. She escapes her previous life and everything she holds dear. But she can’t escape the memories of her past. She can’t escape her dreams just as she can’t escape him




Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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