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2 days to book launch

It’s only two days to go. With working nights, days sort of run into each other and this date has stormed by. While I plan a book launch post I thought I’d include some things about me you won’t know…

I love the sea and am never happier than sitting by the ocean. I’m also a closet gardener, loving nothing more than planting and propagating. I also like tea, but in a proper cup or mug. Friday evenings are a must curled up in my favourite chair with the kids fighting over what to watch. I also admire talent in others whether that be writers or crafters. Animals are my favourite of all and I won’t harm them from wasps to worms and ants. (Yes  I do know they’re not animals). I used to help at the local animal shelter (pre kids) looking after the hedgehogs and oiled seabirds and my ideal would be a small animal sanctuary.

I hate making school lunch boxes with a passion and long for the day they are old enough to do their own. I hate queuing but funnily enough traffic jams aren’t a problem as I seem to get most of my book ideas stuck in a bottleneck. Whilst I love flowers I prefer them in the garden. Once they’re picked I lose interest. Whilst I don’t hate make-up I don’t wear any apart from the odd slick of eye liner if I’m going somewhere other than work, school run or supermarket – a rare event.

Englishwoman in Scotland is on pre-order for the princely sum of 99p here

Book blurb

Talented artisan baker Lady Titania (Tansy) Nettlebridge is betrothed to be married to Lord Brayely no less. She should be ecstatic. She should be delighted at such a match. She would be if she’d actually met him…

Viscount Hector Brayely, or Tor for short isn’t interested in women. He isn’t interested in men. As a renowned mycologist all he’s interested in is fungi, and one particular fungi at that. So when his mother arranges a bride he’s not really interested. He’s more interested in the new cook at the castle, Miss Tansy Smith…

Set in Oban and The Slate Islands Tansy quickly falls in love with the Inner Hebrides but she wouldn’t marry Tor if he was the last man on Belnahua…





Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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