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Book Launch Day: Englishwoman in Scotland

EiS cover

Book Blurb

Talented artisan baker Lady Titania (Tansy) Nettlebridge is betrothed to be married to Lord Brayely no less. She should be ecstatic. She should be delighted at such a match. She would be if she’d actually met him…
Viscount Hector Brayely, or Tor for short isn’t interested in women. He isn’t interested in men. As a renowned mycologist all he’s interested in is fungi, and one particular fungi at that. So when his mother arranges a bride he’s not really interested. He’s more interested in the new cook at the castle, Miss Tansy Smith…
Set in Oban and The Slate Islands Tansy quickly falls in love with the Inner Hebrides but she wouldn’t marry Tor if he was the last man on Belnahua…

Belnahua is one of the State Islands of the Inner Hebrides. Deserted now it used to be a thriving community of workers and their families until WW1 when all the men left to fight and their families were evacuated to neighbouring islands.

When I considered writing another one in this series I decided to go back a little and write a book to sit between the two already published so Scotland comes after Paris but before Manhattan. Apologies if it’s confusing!

And why Scotland? I loved finding about Stonehaven and wanted to feature Pascal and Sarah in this book too. Oban, well I’ve never been but my husband spent a week there many years ago. Why baking and fungi? I bake all my own bread and my hubby’s degree is in microbiology. So, just like a jigsaw the story took shape in my mind. Nanny Mac loves jigsaw puzzles, but I like puzzles of a different sort.


That’s the facts but this book is more a voyage of discovery…. Tansy’s voyage of discovery in the dark distant land of Belnahua. The Slate Islands, not well known but very important all the same. We’ve all heard about Balamory but this is no place for sweet children’s stories. I’ve spent many hours scouring the internet for photos of this harsh and tragic place… These photos  were playing in my head when I wrote those words (thanks to the blog owner for posting such amazing photos, which are available to purchase).

As a writer I like to use my imagination but I do use real photos, places and things to inspire me. I could never write pure fantasy.

Tansy’s dress, so like a bridal gown but not. A Jenny Packham design available from Harrods here and her matching cream Manila Blahnik shoes ( shoes that are arguably more important than the frock). That’s them in the centre – aren’t they swashbucklingly delicious? Next time I’m in London I’m going to visit the fourth floor and go a hunting. I have nowhere to wear a dress like that but I’ll find somewhere even if it’s only the school yard!  IMG_2286

And who can forget that Chloe handbag that oh so nearly gave the game away? Yes, I’ve agonised for hours searching for just the right bag for Lady Titania. I’ve even sourced her limited edition Stella McCartney phone case and as for notebooks and pens…. Who says writers don’t have the best time in the world?

Englishwoman in Scotland is available for 99p from here  

Thank you Harrods, I’ll be seeing you shortly…