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Cover reveal: Englishwoman at Christmas


Book blurb

Holly Branch has it all. She’s rich, famous and beautiful but, after a disastrous early marriage, she’s also deeply distrustful of men, all men…

Lord Oliver Ivy has it all. He’s rich, titled and handsome. He’s also a world renowned plastic surgeon, or he was… Now he’s an emotional wreck seeking solace in the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

When fate decides to play a trick on these two strangers, by dumping them in Cornwall in the middle of a snow storm, fate gets a shock…

Out 31st October and available to pre-order from Amazon for 99p here

About this book

I’m delighted to be revealing the cover of my next book on such a special day, my twins birthday. When they asked me a couple of months ago if they could have a book dedicated to them, of course I agreed. But they probably didn’t realise I’d fill it with as many twins as I could…

In a way I’m going back to my roots with Englishwoman at Christmas because it’s does have a strong medical slant with Lord Ivy being a plastic surgeon. ┬áBut he’s not just any old plastic surgeon, he’s a reconstructive surgeon and his speciality? Conjoined twins. He heads up a specialist unit with someone you may have heard of? Professor Mitch Merrien – the male lead in my first romance, Ideal Girl – a book that will always be special.

But that’s not all that’s special, or should I say personal about Englishwoman at Christmas. When I was looking around for a setting I was heavily influenced by thoughts of my own romance as it’s coming up to our 25th wedding anniversary soon. We spent our honeymoon in Polruan, a small village just across Fowey on the estuary. Polruan was the perfect honeymoon idyll. It’s not touristy simply because it’s not the easiest of places to get to unlike its more popular counterparts. But, for us, that made it all the more special, after all, three’s a crowd on a honeymoon.