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Am I an author now? 

The never-ending question. What makes an author?

I’m definitely a writer but aren’t most of us? Whether it’s a shopping list, or a scribbled message on a post-it note, most of us write on a daily basis. But what turns a writer into an author?

I write books, is that it? Anyone can write a book – all it takes is perseverance and an ability not to give up until that last page is penned.

My books are published, is that it? Anyone can get their book published. Amazon is littered with books, of all qualities, genres and designs as the self-published industry exponentially explodes. Not only that. You only have to load Google to find the vanity-publishing sector has stepped up to the plate to get their slice of literary pie. 

I’ve published more than one, is that it? Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. I’m a great believer in less is more. Better to produce something to be proud of. 

I have an editor, is that it? Producing a product that I’m proud of needs the help of others, something I’ve learnt the hard way. An author without an editor faces an uphill struggle – why make it harder than it needs to be?

I’ll never be an author, I’m an Indie, is that it? The publishing houses would probably agree with this statement but then again they are in the business of selling books. Show me a best-selling author and I’ll show you a best-selling Indie that’s been snapped up by one of the Big Six. 

I get fan mail, is that it? Book reviews are a necessary evil and readers opinions matter but letters from strangers… mind blowing

So what turns a writer into an author? 

Producing a book you’re proud of and finding that strangers are of the same opinion. 

My latest book, Englishwoman at Christmas, is published on 31st October. Maybe I’ll try the term author to see if it fits… 

Englishwoman at Christmas 99p from Amazon here