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My 2017 in pictures

As a writer sometimes, just sometimes, I think that pictures tell more of a story so this year instead of the yearly round up I’m going to share some photos.

I’ll start with books. I haven’t read so many new authors this year as I’ve been ploughing through my own writing journey but there have been reading highlights. Funnily enough these two books are both set in France.

Talking of France leads to holidays and we were lucky to spend part of the summer along the West coast.

We were also lucky enough to nip across to Herm, something we weren’t able to do the year before. How I love this little piece of paradise.

September to November, the dark days of that first term back at school, also heralded months of hard slog what with hubby being temporarily out of action and GCSE prep. I managed to consolidate my writing and took the hit by employing an editor.

There were new books in 2017 and short stories from my pen. Still no agent on the horizon but, in truth, I haven’t tried too hard to shift the status quo. Writing has to be fun and when it’s not, I’ll stop.

December, and year’s end, meant a trip to Wales to see family. We went to the panto in Llandudno and had a couple of lovely days out in both Liverpool and Betws-y-Coed.

Sea swimming, all year round, continues to brighten up the weekends and keep the brain cells sharp and will sontinue into the New Year.

And 2018? A friend asked me a few weeks ago when the follow up to Boy Brainy was coming out. It wasn’t! I had half a story written ages ago but no enthusiasm to finish it. So I’ve picked it up again, changed it from Ireland to Guernsey and am well on the way to finishing it. It’s been a personal challenge to write a book set in my four favourite places – Ireland, Wales, France and Guernsey. And the glue that binds? A Sixth Century monk called St Tugual. There’s also a thriller I’m working on as I shift genre yet again but writing is a fluid process and it’s time for me to move on yet again.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018. I don’t make resolutions but if I did I’d break them all. No regrets…