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How to Self Publish: Part Two – Editing (redundant words)


‘Substitute damn every time you’re inclined to write very…’ Mark Twain

‘I spent all morning taking out a comma and all afternoon putting it back.’ Oscar Wilde


Editing is a veritable minefield. a foreign land to writers but one they have to negotiate all the same. Whether you’re thinking of Traditional or Indie as a route for presenting your work to the reader (You, potential agents, future fans) the following applies. As it’s such a large area i’m going to break this section down. I’ll start with redundant words.

What are redundant (or over-used) words?


Words that may not be necessary to your work and, in fact, words that might hinder the reader’s enjoyment.

Look at these two sentences. they’re nearly the same but which is smoother?


This list isn’t exhaustive and will change from writer to writer. Know your own personal word demons by taking time to notice which words you repeat. There are programmes that can help you but even by just reading aloud you’ll be able to pick up some of them.

Next time: Passive voice


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