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Valentine’s post

A funny thing happened to me in the supermarket… Yes, really! I was there with my 4 red chocolate roses when I had to explain myself to the man at the check-out as to why there were four – for my 4 boyfriends perhaps? Cheeky so and so but it did make me chuckle. I’d just had the shift from hell and looked as bad as I felt but, in this post-Weinstein world, there is room, I feel, for a little romantic humour; certainly in my life there is. 

I’m on nights next week so Valentine’s will pass me by in a sleep deprived fugue but I’ll probably still arrange something mad. There probably won’t be flowers, chocolates or cards bought but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about making a little extra time to do something special. 

To celebrate here’s a little treat. I try not to plague the world with free books. They are hard enough to write without giving them away but every so often I’ll pop one up for free, only for one day and only one book so if you haven’t read ENGLISHWOMAN IN PARIS now’s your chance 😂. It’s the second book in my ENGLISHWOMAN 5 book series, the prequel short story, ENGLISHMAN IN BLACKPOOL, is perma-free and the rest…? All really expensive at 99p… x

BTW there are 4 people in my life that deserve chocolate roses, only because they have to put up with me, and that’s hubby and the three kids. If the cats were allowed I’d have bought six 😂