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Writers can be star-struck too


So today was just one of those days. The stars aligned and I got to meet Lily James and Tom Courteney. It was by complete accident and, while everyone was preparing for the Guernsey Red Carpet event, I was just taking my daughter sea swimming in the Bathing Pools. What a delightful woman Lily is. Okay, so I know she’s tall and stunning but actually it was her personality that did it for me. She’s got this effervescence to her and not only that… She was kind to my daughter, Freya, giving the thumbs up when I mouthed could we get a photo. She even took the time to comment on her choice of clothing. As a nurse I know more than most that it’s the little things that count and Freya will have a beautiful memory to draw on forever… As a little Whovian the only thing that could have bested it would have been if she’d brought Matt along but maybe next time 😉. Thank you, Lily. I’m hoping you get an Oscar nom 👍🏻

I also got to finish the most amazing book. So there’s no secret to writing an Amazon number one bestseller like the very talented, Sue Moorcroft.  Just write a book as good as One Summer in Italy… This is currently available to pre-order for only £2.99 here. I just count myself lucky that I’m a book reviewer, amongst other things and got to read an ARC. And the photo – of course, if you’re me and you have a book to read set in Italy you take it to France.

And finally, the icing on the cake although topping meeting a box office sensation like Lily and reading a book by a writer like Sue is hard to top. I’ve had the first feedback from my latest project, a Psychological Thriller and my first in this genre. Apparently it’s fab – phew…