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Little Pink Taxi, review

Book Blurb

Rosalie Heart is a well-known face in Irlwick – well, if you drive a bright pink taxi and your signature style is a pink anorak, you’re going to draw a bit of attention! But Rosalie’s company Love Taxis is more than just a gimmick – for many people in the remote Scottish village, it’s a lifeline. 

Which is something that Marc Petersen will never understand. Marc’s ruthless approach to business doesn’t extend to pink taxi companies running at a loss. When he arrives in Irlwick to see to a new acquisition – Raventhorn, a rundown castle – it’s apparent he poses a threat to Rosalie’s entire existence; not just her business, but her childhood home too. 
On the face of it Marc and Rosalie should loathe each other, but what they didn’t count on was somebody playing cupid …
My review

Sometimes all I feel like doing is curling up with a good book and, after a pretty traumatic week that’s just what I’ve been doing.

The cover of the Little Pink Taxi, along with the amazing title drew me in but the fact that the writer is French made it a done deal. Rosalie, and her pink taxi are the heart of the remote Scottish village but when French stranger, Marc, arrives with his cold, aloof manner and worrying briefcase, things go down hill rapidly. Strange things happen both to the taxi and the isolated castle inhabited by more than one ghost. 

I loved this. It’s more than a straightforward romance. It’s a cross between a suspense, an historical and a ghost story and takes the reader from Scotland, Paris and finally Denmark. A writer to watch…

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