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Valerie Keogh, the latest addition to Bookouture’s stable

I’ve known Valerie for years and count her as a close friend so when I heard of her long awaited success with Bookouture I  wouldn’t wait, pen at the ready, to interview her for my little blog. I’m hoping this will be the first interview of many for such a lovely lady. 

Over to Valerie…

About submitting to Bookouture 

I’d submitted to Bookouture when I was going through a tough time in work and never really expected to get anywhere. You get used to rejection after a while. So, when they contacted me and said they loved my writing but didn’t want to take on what was obviously part of a series and asked was I working on anything else, I was stunned. I had actually started a novel so I mentioned it, they thought it sounded interesting and asked to see what I’d already written – only about 3 chapters. And they loved it.

They asked to see it when it was finished. Of course, I worried then that they wouldn’t like the finished novel but they did. A contract was mentioned but they wanted an outline for a second book which I did and two weeks later I signed a two-book deal.

It wasn’t until the official announcement came that I stopped pinching myself. Now, I’m hard at work on the second novel and waiting to start the editing process on the first. After being self-published for so long, it’s strange to be having input from different people. The Bookouture team seem to be really helpful and friendly. I’ve already been invited to a Summer Afternoon Tea Party in June.

I’m excited to see what this huge change will lead to and look forward to my first novel coming out in November. Provisionally named Twin, it’s the story of two sisters, identical to look at but with completely different lives. When their lives become tangled, trouble starts. Can one of them have it all?

 20 things we don’t know about Valerie, actually it’s not quite 20 as I took the editorial decision to remove one as I didn’t want to upset Santa 🙂 

I’ve always made up stories in my head, I thought it was normal until I was in my thirties!

Since watching the movie Hotel, many years ago, I have a slight fear of lifts. If anyone remembers, the lift collapsed in Hotel. I stand in the lift and wonder if I should try to jump upward if it suddenly starts to drop.

The first LP I ever bought was Gene Pitney’s Best Hits.

My first crush was on Daniel Boone and my next was on John Wayne.

I discovered, while on a mule ride in the Grand Canyon, that I’m a coward. If it hadn’t been for the very young child on the mule in front of me I’d have cried to be let down. As it was, all I saw the whole ride, was the back of the mule’s neck.

My first boyfriend was Swedish.

I was over 40 when I met my husband. He told me later that he wouldn’t have asked me out if he’d known I was so old – he is all of 4 years younger than me!

My father died when I was five. I have only 3 clear memories of being with him, I don’t take them out very often, almost as if I’m afraid I’ll wear them out.

I wet the bed until I was about six.

My first memory is of being able to open the door by myself!

I remember being delighted the first time I got homework. That didn’t last.

 Finally, tell us what your favourite book is? 

There are so many so I’ll go for ones I’ve read several times. E.F.Benson’s amazingly wonderful Mapp and Lucia books. If you haven’t read them, give them a go, I bet you’ll be hooked and buy all six. Everyone I’ve recommended them to has done so.


Whilst we do have to wait awhile for Valerie’s next book there’s plenty to choose from over on Amazon here, I love Garda West and as for the psychopathic murdering nurse…😂 




Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

2 thoughts on “Valerie Keogh, the latest addition to Bookouture’s stable

  1. I absolutely LOVED Secrets Between Us! Such an intense domestic thriller! I’ve already made a list of other books to read by author Keogh!! Thanks for the mini “about Valerie” it was fun learning silly things from such a great author! I’m now impatiently waiting for her next novel! 🤓🙋🏼‍♀️


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