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Guernsey Mâche (Not a typo) 

If you’re a Guern you’ll have heard of Gâche, an enriched yeast cake laden with fruit and Guernsey butter. You’ll also have heard of Gâche Melée, a totally different apple pudding, traditionally full of suet. They are both a delight and are frequently on our table. Both are calorie-filled so I thought I’d try something different. A fusion of Gâche and Gâche Melée to come up with something a little more healthy = Guernsey Mâche. 

So what’s different? 

I still have a yeast cake filled with dried fruit but instead of all that butter I’ve substituted puréed apple… and the result? 

The recipe

Dried yeast mixed with 1 teaspoon sugar and 100 mls warm milk, leave until yeast activates.

Add to 500gms bread flour. Add puréed Apple (2 medium cooking apples, skinned, chopped and cooked in a little water) and 50 gm fat (marg or butter, preferably Guernsey). Add 1/2 mug mixed fruit. Knead, leave to prove. Place in prepared loaf tin, leave to prove again. Bake in hot (210 C) oven for 30 minutes.

I didn’t add any spices (it’s just not done 😉) but a little cinnamon and nutmeg would be lovely. 

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The Little Cornish Kitchen, Jane Linfoot 

Book Blurb 

With an exiting new life in Paris, Clemmie Hamilton isn’t looking forward to heading home to the picturesque but sleepy village of St Aidan, Cornwall. However, when she discovers that the cosy apartment by the sea, which her grandmother left to her, is under threat from neighbour and property developer, Charlie Hobson, Clemmie realises she can’t abandon her home in its time of need.

With her childhood friends encouraging her, Clemmie decides to turn the apartment into ‘The Little Cornish Kitchen’ – a boutique pop up pudding club raising money for the repairs to the building in an effort to stop Charlie once and for all. But when Charlie and his easy charm won’t seem to go away, everything soon becomes even messier than the state of Clemmie’s Cornish kitchen.

My review


This is I think the fifth book I’ve read by Jane, although I may be falling foul of losing count 😂. I loved her last book so much, the wrap up to the Little Wedding Series, which I can heartily recommend. 

There’s always a risk, of course, when a writer says goodbye to such well-loved characters. Will the next book be as good? Will the next group of characters hit the right reader spot? 

OMG I loved this. Jane has a talent to get right down to the funny bone almost right from the start of any of her novels and I was helpless with laughter over the mermaid sketch. Clemmy is a delight and the fact she lived in Paris an added twist. In fact, there’s a sliver of Rachel Khoo and The Little Paris Kitchen here, one of my favourite TV cookery programmes from a few years ago. This added with romance is pure genius. Charlie is the ideal male lead; surly but with the dark brooding look that a romantic hero demands. But more importantly I want a cat called Pancake. There’s lots here for everyone and I think Jane has dug deeper with this work. There’s a new depth here. Lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing in a will he, won’t he sort of way. 

I have, probably erroneously, a view of Jane baking in her country kitchen, Aga on the side, with animals scattered about as she hums her way through the housework before settling down to a little bit of writing. This homely, country loving feel is what I get from each of her books; the country idyll that quite a few of us strive for in between the mad rush of work, kids, food shopping and other interruptions. The perfect life…

Available to pre-order all over the place…