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Ten tips for writers

There’s been a few post I’ve spotted recently about advice for writers so I thought I’d join the party. However my tips may be a little different to the read everything, write everyday sort of thing…

1, The most useful and the way to get away from all those irritating post-it notes.

2, The first draft. Throwing words on the page any old how. The second, stripping them back to something worth reading.

3, Writing can be the unhealthiest of professions. Move, anyway you like…

4, If your muse disappears clear your mind and go and do something different. You’ll find the words will come back all on their own. 

5, Employ an editor. It may be something you don’t want to hear but, if you’re serious about writing, it’s a must. 

6, Write the same but different. That’s what publishers are looking for. A new take on an old idea. Now that’s all your getting because if I had any more I’d write the book myself. 

7, Before you write a word create a social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

8, Every so often save a back-up copy any way you like. Laptops break. Viruses attack, coffee gets spilt.

9, Roget’s Thesaurus is your new best friend. Never use two words when one will do. 

10, I’ve said this before on another post. You’re writing a book not a doorstop. Know the length of other comparable works in the same genre and use that word count as a guide. 

11, And just because I can… tip number 11 ( Thanks to Deborah Carr for this one). When it’s sunny and you can’t see your screen change your page colour to black and your word colour to white – it really does work. 

Happy writing 

Jenny x

Jenny O’Brien was born in Ireland and, after a brief sojourn in Wales, now resides in Guernsey. She’s an avid reader and book reviewer for NetGalley in addition to being a 2016/2017 RoNA judge.  She writes for both children and adults with a new book coming out every six months or so. She’s also an avid collector of cats, broken laptops, dust and happy endings – two of which you’ll always find in her books. 

Her books are available on Amazon here


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