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The Paris Secret: Lily Graham

Book Blurb

A beautiful Parisian bookshop hides a heartbreaking secret that will tear one family apart forever …

The last time Valerie was in Paris, she was three years old, running from the Nazis, away from the only home she had ever known.
Now as a young woman all alone in the world, Valerie must return to Paris, to the bookshop and her sole surviving relative, her grandfather Vincent, the only person who knows the truth about what happened to her parents. As she gets to know grumpy, taciturn Vincent again, she hears a tragic story of Nazi-occupied Paris, a doomed love affair and a mother willing to sacrifice everything for her beloved daughter.
Can Valerie and Vincent help each other to mend the wounds of the past? Valerie isn’t after a fairytale ending, she only wants the truth. But what is the one devastating secret that Vincent is determined to keep from his granddaughter? 

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My thoughts

Would you just look at that cover? Isn’t it a beauty? As someone who spends half her life in France and the other half dreaming of going back this cover ticked all my boxes. I read this at the end of the summer after a delightful week in Paris so you can probably guess I was either going to love or hate it…

Guess what? I loved it! 

Two women meet on a train – one young and one old. Annie, isn’t really interested in the old lady, Valerie. She has too much on her mind. But, over the course of their journey she’s dragged deep as Valerie’s story unfolds. A story that takes her back to Paris, but an occupied Paris during WWII. 

This is a charming book, beautifully written and executed. It’s part set in a bookshop, which has an added piquancy as does the extremely well-rounded character, Vincent.

An easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Christmas Sisters: Sarah Morgan 

Book Blurb

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree, but who’s around it that matters most.All Suzanne McBride wants for Christmas is her three daughters happy and at home. But when sisters Posy, Hannah and Beth return to their family home in the Scottish Highlands, old tensions and buried secrets start bubbling to the surface.
Suzanne is determined to create the perfect family Christmas, but the McBrides must all face the past and address some home truths before they can celebrate together . . . Available here 

My review

There’s nothing wrong with reading Christmas books in September, especially if they’re written by this lady. I’m a huge fan and first in the queue when she has a new release out – and this book certainly didn’t disappoint. 

I have noticed a shift in her writing in both her previous book and now this one but it’s all good. I think I read something about a different editor but, whatever the reason, the writing is more rounded and the plot a little darker. You’re still going to get the trademark HEA but there are a few more bumps along the way to keep those pages flipping.

A story about three sisters who’ve drifted apart since a trauma buried deep. Three very different sisters, who always come home to Scotland for Christmas. This time, two sisters arrive early and Posy, who’s the stay-at-home one is desperate to leave the stifling clutches of such a small town setting. 

Told in the third person narrative and with the POV of each of the sisters and Suzanne, their mother, this is a delightful read full to the brim of Christmas cheer and a tree called Eric. If you’re a fan of theses type of books you’re going to love what Sarah Morgan has come up with.