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I’d delighted to have the fab, Suzie Tullett on my AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT today.


Suzie is a prolific writer, who writes for Bloodhound’s Bombshell arm.

She began her writing career as a scriptwriter after gaining an MA in Television and Radio Scriptwriting from Salford University. From there she was offered a place on the BBC’s New Writers Scheme, which gave her the opportunity to write for their long running series, Doctors.

She now writes romantic comedy and has four novels and counting under her belt. Her third book, Little White Lies and Butterflies was short listed for the Guardian’s Not the Booker prize. As the first of its genre ever to reach that stage, Suzie is pleased to report it came third overall in the public vote. Her most recent novel is The French Escape, a laugh out loud romcom set in the heart of Brittany, a book I devoured in one sitting, last year.

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The French Escape
It’s fair to say that Flick has had a terrible year. Her beloved father died, she had the wedding of her dreams and only hours after the ceremony her husband ran out on her.
Brenda, fed up with her daughter living like a hermit, decides to drag Flick off to France to stay in a chateau. What could be better than an idyllic escape?
But when they arrive Flick discovers the chateau is all but abandoned.
The only upside of her French escape is the handsome and mysterious neighbour, Nate.
Nate loves his life living in the cottage on the grounds of the abandoned chateau but that is about to be put in jeopardy… Available here

Suzie’s also a mentor for Salford University’s Industry Advice Scheme, plus she teaches an Essentials of Novel Writing course. This she designed for people who want to write a novel but don’t know where to start or have written a first draft and now want to lick it into shape.

She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and in 2018, being lucky enough to live between France and the UK, set up its Brittany Chapter, a group that she continues to actively head.

Now, you’re in for a treat. Suzie has a book coming out soon and she’s let me share a little – I have to tell you I’m nagging her almost on a weekly basis for more than the couple of measly chapters I’ve already read!!

BTW this is my mock up for the cover but actually… I won’t charge, Suzie x



Ronnie checked her watch, realising she had just enough time to pour herself a glass of wine before her pizza delivery landed. She giggled as she decanted, raising the glass in a silent toast. Putting it to her lips, she savoured the taste with a smile, at the same time imagining the evening ahead. With a bit of luck, that night was the night.
Intent on drinking every drop, she didn’t bother putting the bottle back in the fridge. There was no point to-ing and fro-ing from one room to another when she didn’t have to. Instead, she took the bottle with her as she headed into the lounge and positioned herself in the window – a large bay that gave a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree outlook, the perfect vantage point. It reminded her of one of those giant curved TV screens that apparently provide an enhanced sense of depth and wider field of view. At least that’s how Nick described them when he decided their television was passed its best. She glanced at the telly that they never did get around to replacing. “Passed its best, my arse.”
Returning her attention back to the street, anticipation bubbled inside of her. Looking first left and then right, she felt like a naughty teenager as she wondered where her delivery had gotten to. Having opted for a barbeque prawn and salsa verde pizza, straight from Bello Italiano’s gourmet range no less, its expensive menu price made it seem even more delicious. “Where are you?” she asked, her eagerness fast becoming impatience.
She took in the houses that made up Holme Lea Avenue while she waited. Two mirroring rows of semi-detached properties, she and Nick had lived at Number 6 all their married life. They’d bought it for a song, such was the state of it back then and Ronnie couldn’t help but smile as she recalled the old blue bathroom suite, the various floral wallpaper designs and the accompanying patterned carpets, all of them migraine inducing. And the kitchen… How she ever dared cook in there was still a mystery. Over the next few years, however, they’d lavished a lot of love and a serious amount of cash on the place, turning it room by room into a home they were both proud of. And unlike the neighbours who’d come and gone over the years, Ronnie couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Holme Lea Avenue was where she’d built a home, raised her daughter. It was where she belonged.
She pondered residents past and present. Some she’d been saddened to see go, others she’d more than happily waved off. Ronnie felt her pulse quicken. Then there were those who refused to move no matter how hard the encouragement.
Her spirits lifted once more when she at last spotted a Bello Italiano vehicle and downing the contents of her wine glass, she excitedly topped it up again in readiness. She watched the driver pull up and check what she assumed to be a delivery note before getting out of the vehicle, pizza box in hand. “Let the fun commence,” Ronnie said, giggling as the unsuspecting chap headed for the house next door.

Thank you, Suzie, for popping by. Look forward to meeting up in France soon x

You can find Suzie via these links