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Using PowerPoint to create book promotions @scribblerjb

I’ve been asked how I created book promo posters on PowerPoint. So I’m an author and not a publicist or vlogger but here goes 🙂

1, Set up a new doc and, going to design, set up your poster size. This is mine.

2, Go to ‘insert’ and choose background photo.

3, Insert photo of book cover. Right click and choose bottom option ‘format picture’, as shown.

4, Go to 3D rotation and play around. I used pre-sets for mine, as shown.

5, Go to 3D Format and have a play. The options I used are shown. This gives your book depth.

6, Choose Text Box option from top, and place on your poster.

7, Play with font size and colour. I used 2 text boxes.

Finally go to file, ‘save as’ and choose Jpeg file. Ta da! Ready to share on Social Media.

Hope this was useful. Lots more on YouTube which is where I learnt from many artists too numerous to mention.


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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