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Missing in Wales: Introducing Bucket @scribblerjb

With Missing in Wales on the 10 day countdown I thought it was time to introduce you to Bucket.

Demi and Ishy (Bucket)

Bucket started out as Ayesha – H Rider Haggard’s character from ‘She’. But Ayesha soon got shortened to Ishy when She became He 🤣

He was our first cat, the first of many. Snowy white and with the most amazing disposition imaginable. We’ve only had one pure white moggy but I think one is enough. No white cat could compare. He wasn’t perfect and just how he managed to get that seagull through the cat flap… The hall has never been the same since! Not to be left out, the cat on the right is Demi. Sadly we only had her for a year but a year of happy memories…

Back to Bucket.

Bucket is a major player in MISSING IN WALES. Found abandoned in an upturned bucket on the coastal path in Abereiddy, (St David’s), he’s Izzy Grant’s best friend, sometimes her only one. When Charlie, her partner of 9 months abducts Alys, her 7 day-old baby, without Bucket she often thinks that the madness in her soul would have spread to her mind.

Including animals between the pages of a book somehow seems right and something I’ve done many times before. When I draw from my own personal experiences it’s as if they’re still right by my side.

We lost Ishy, aged 16, nearly 10 years ago. Now he’ll live on.

MISSING IN WALES out in paperback for £7.99 pre-order here for 99p/c

Jenny x


Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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