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Exciting announcement 

My journey has been a long one, longer than most it seems. I started writing when the twins were babies, they’re now mid-teens. I didn’t have the time to write but I had a story, a story about a little boy called Dai Monday. I wasn’t a writer and it took me a year to find the courage to put pen to paper, in between my nursing job and family commitments. It took another seven rejection-fuelled years to self publish Boy Brainy. But I found I enjoyed writing and more books followed.

Five years later I’m still writing and, up until the summer, I was still sending out querying letters, albeit half-heartedly. I never thought my time would come. In the race to find a home in traditional publishing I was the snail and not the sleek race horse I desired to be. There’s nothing wrong with being an Indie writer but I wanted to find a niche I could sink into. A home for my writing. An affirmation if you like.


I’m delighted that Abi Fenton, the Editorial Director for HQ Digital, Harper Collins, saw something in my scribbles. I’ve listened to many writers achieve similar goals and tell others to never give up on their dreams. All I can add is that if I’d known it would take this long I’d still have travelled down the same road. I’ve met some amazing people in the writing industry over the years and view other authors, bloggers and readers as the most supportive bunch. So thanks to Valerie Keogh, Susan Godenzi, Adele Blair, Jo Robertson, Beverley Hopper, Michele Turner, Suzie Tullett, Claire Chase, Jane Linfoot, Sam Tonge, Sue Moorcroft, Natasha Orme, Rachel Gibney and a bundle of other amazing people including the lovely members of my street team.

My journey, already thirteen years long, has only just begun.

Silent Cry, the book that started it off (previously Missing in Wales) is available to pre-order here.

Jenny x