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Interesting times for a book launch. Competition



When Izzy Grant’s newborn daughter Alys disappears, her world shatters around her. Despite an extensive search the police find no trace of the missing girl, but Izzy refuses to give up hope that her daughter will be found. Then a note is pushed through her letterbox, warning her off. For Izzy it’s a ray of hope, another lead for the police to follow. For DC Gaby Darin it’s another piece of the puzzle that just won’t fit. But as a long-lost friend returns to Izzy’s life with a shocking secret, Gaby realises the truth of who took Izzy’s daughter from her might lie in the past – and far closer to home than anyone could have imagined… Out 17th April. Order here.


I never thought I’d be a writer. In the days long past when that question was first asked, I wanted to be an actress. Yes… it was the stage for me all the way. I was heading to drama school whatever. That is until my dad got to hear.

‘Get a job. A proper job. What about nursing? After all, your granny was a nurse‘.

Many eyerolls and a severe lack of funds later, I reluctantly agreed to put aside my childhood dream but only as an interim measure. It took 3 years of training and a rejection from RADA to do the rest. Yes. I got my day at that illustrious Drama School only to fluff it!

So my interim job has lasted nearly 40 years, 12 of which I’ve spent trying to break into the field of writing. Last year, when I signed a book contract with HQ Digital, was like a dream come true. I was putting in incredibly long hours, but happy to invest time into something I wanted so much. There were a few hiccups along the way. It almost felt that as soon as my dream became tangible, something popped up to push it aside. But that’s life. And then we heard about a little virus on the other side of the world.

I’ve cancelled my book launch. It wasn’t going to be huge in the scale of things. A sea-swim followed by breakfast with my core circle of friends. A little something for later with a few bottles of bubbly. More of a thank you for supporting me as opposed to ‘buy my book’. All followed by a curry with family. Yeah okay, so it was going to be an all-day celebration lol. Now I’ve downgraded it to a cup of tea and a biscuit and part of me, the nurse part, can’t regret that.

There’s so much happening on that scene for me to even let a sliver of regret flicker across my consciousness. People will either like or hate my book and there’s nothing I can do about that. I hope it’s the former but who knows. At the end of the day it is only a book – there’s a whole host of far more important things going on currently.

But I also need to give my book the send off it deserves and that’s where you come in.


If you’d like to win a Kindle just pop over to my Facebook page, link below. No purchase necessary.

I’d love you to like my page and tag some friends too but that’s not mandatory. Just click on this link and follow the 2 simple steps. 

Silent Cry. Out in three weeks. Previously published as MISSING IN WALES, now has nearly 200 reviews over on Amazon. Stay safe and stay well x






Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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