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One week published. What have I learnt?

One week traditionally published.

Well that was a mad week. I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going but I do know that I’m a traditionally published author as well as an Indie (hybrid). In truth, it was a label I never thought I’d be able to hold in the palm of my hand and squeeze but there it is.

So, what have I learnt?

  • I’ve learnt that fellow writers are an amazing supportive bunch, but I already knew that as an Indie.
  • I’ve also been reminded what a selfless bunch of people book bloggers are. To firstly take the time to read a book by a nobody and then write a review is truly awesome. So, thank you.
  • But I’ve also learnt that it’s hard to let go of the reins. As an Indie I have complete control of the process from idea to print. Having someone taking the strain when I’d been so used to doing it all is strange and has taken a lot of getting used to. I know my book cover, blurb and book are better because of it but still…
  • I’ve also learnt that I don’t feel any different but people’s perceptions of me have changed. I’m still me. I still spend most of my time either nursing, writing or avoiding housework. As an Indie, I got that it wasn’t a big deal to self-publish my books. it was just something I did. I suppose a label of respect is attributed to traditionally published authors. But to write a book is awesome enough in its own right. And it is 12 years since I started to take my scribbles seriously. I suppose what I’m really trying to say is that whatever the future holds I still intend to stay true to my roots – I’ll never forget all those rejection letters. There’s more than enough to keep me grounded.
  • Carrying on from the last point, I’ve also learnt that I’m not scared of the future. Publishing is going through very difficult times currently and who knows if my book series will take or not. But if it doesn’t so be it. There are a whole lot more important things happening in the world right now.

Stay safe

Jenny x



When Izzy Grant’s newborn daughter Alys disappears, her world shatters around her. Despite an extensive search the police find no trace of the missing girl, but Izzy refuses to give up hope that her daughter will be found.

Then a note is pushed through her letterbox, warning her off.

For Izzy it’s a ray of hope, another lead for the police to follow. For DC Gaby Darin it’s another piece of the puzzle that just won’t fit. But as a long-lost friend returns to Izzy’s life with a shocking secret, Gaby realises the truth of who took Izzy’s daughter from her might lie in the past – and far closer to home than anyone could have imagined… Available here

About Jenny O’Brien

Jenny O’Brien is an Irish, Welsh, Guernsey writer. She’s also a nurse.