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November is Thriller Month at O’Brien HQ

Hello everyone,

With Christmas around the corner and the country bracing itself for further restrictions, I thought that I’d put a little treat together for all you crime fiction fans. 30 days to get to know some of your favourite writers. Hear their story. Find out more about their books and… I’ve come up with a set of 5 unique questions that you can bet nobody else has ever asked them, anywhere, before.

Just click on the link below to read their posts,

Jenny x

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I’m delighted to share that Fallen Angel, Book Three in my Gaby Darin series is now available on NetGalley HERE.


She looked like she’d drifted off to sleep, curled up in her white dress, blonde hair floating in the breeze. They called it the Angel Murder.

Eighteen-year-old Angelica Brock is found dead at a local beauty spot, dressed in a pure white nightgown, her white-blonde hair arranged around her. For years her death is a mystery, her killer the one who got away for a whole generation of police.

For DS Gaby Darin, it’s not just any cold case – the victim is intimately linked to someone close to her, and emotions are high. But just as the team finds a breakthrough clue on Angelica’s nightdress, another case crashes into the station. Could they be linked? After all this time, can Gaby finally discover what really happened to Angelica?

Do hope you enjoy,

Jenny x