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Five Minds, Guy Morpuss

Book review

I started reading this a few days ago and, initially, I thought I’d made a mistake, a huge one. What even is Speculative Crime Fiction anyway!

After a few pages I was hooked into a new world, manned by Workers, Andi’s, Hedonists and Communes. The focus is on Communes where five minds live in one body to preserve the earth’s limited resources.

If you can imagine an Arnie Schwarzenegger movie, The Hunger Games, Sophie’s Choice and a whodunit under one cover you’ll be on the right track. I loved it and wouldn’t be surprised if it gets optioned for a movie. But more importantly it’s broadened my reading horizons.

Jenny x

Book blurb


The Earth’s population has finally been controlled. At the age of seventeen, you must choose how you will live. And when you will die. As an android, your mind downloaded into a synthetic body, and given eighty years. As a worker, with a natural lifespan. As a hedonist, with unlimited money and leisure, but dead at forty-two. Or as a commune, five minds sharing one body, with a combined existence of over a century.

Alex, Kate, Sierra, Ben and Mike are a commune. They have already spent twenty-five years together, arguing, reconciling, alliances shifting and re-forming. They travel to a Death Park where games are played in which time can be gambled like money. The plan is to win time to upgrade their next host body. But then Kate accepts a dangerous offer, and one of them disappears.

Someone is trying to kill off members of the commune. Is one of them responsible? Or is someone else playing a deadly game? It’s hard enough to catch a murderer. It’s almost impossible when you might be sharing a body with them…

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Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy Jenny

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