About me

Jenny O’Brien was born in Dublin a very long time ago. From an early age she’d always hoped to write something; to write anything other than her name on the bottom of a cheque and then, with the introduction of automated banking she even lost that pleasure. Therefore she was forced to pick up a pen and pad and start scribbling and since then she’s never stopped.

She writes in most genres except horror, sci-fi and fantasy. The Stepsister, released in 2018 was her first thriller and no one could have been more surprised than her when it stuck in the Amazon bestseller chart for 5 weeks and that with no paid advertising.

Her next, Missing in Wales, reached the top spot on Amazon in June 2019 and is now called Silent Cry, published by HQ Digital

Apart from writing there’s little room left. she’s an avid reader of most genres and can always be found with a book or six knocking around. Her reading taste is an eclectic one with the classics, and literary giants nestling up beside category romances. For her forthieth birthday she asked for built-in book shelves instead of diamonds, which probably says a lot…

She has never watched an episode of Downton Abbey or read any book with 50 in the title for that matter so she’s probably quite boring. She does tend to spend a lot of time talking to her imaginary friends who are always there knocking about in her head keeping her out of mischief.

She also loves hearing from anyone who’s interested in talking books; either hers, theirs or others. She’s on Twitter (too much) as Scribblerjb and has a Facebook page here, which is usually woefully out of date.